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Yessir, there is a ton of information on this website about apparel brands and specific styles from those brands.

But how can you use that information to make the best purchase decision?

By having shopping options, that’s how!

On many of our pages, there are often two types of shopping links shown for any particular brand or style:

– a red-highlighted link to a Manufacturer’s online store, i.e.  SHOP ADIDAS USA; and

– a gold-highlighted link to the apparel from that same major brand as offered at The Factory Store, i.e.

So what exactly is the difference between these two shopping options?

Typically, the red-linked manufacturer’s online store features just about every product currently offered for sale by that brand. The brand’s website is usually a great place to buy all of its hard-to-find specialty products, or to see and buy every color and size option for any particular style. Usually, the products sold there are priced at MSRP (suggested retail), but often times a manufacturer will also have sale or clearance items, too.

The Factory Store at Name Brand ApparelThe other option:  The Factory Store  features a collection of best-selling products from that same major manufacturer (and a number of other brands, too) that we have brought into inventory at our seven warehouses strategically located across the USA. We carry these products because they are the some of the most popular styles from that manufacturer, because we had the opportunity to inventory those products in significant quantity at a great price, and because we like the overall quality, performance and style of that mill’s products.

So browsing and learning more at the Name Brand Apparel website makes it easy to access both types of shopping options from any single brand: shop a deep product line from a single brand through the manufacturer’s online store; or shop the top-selling products from that same brand offered at a great price through  The Factory Store . Enjoy!

Note that Name Brand Apparel has an affiliate relationship with each of the manufacturers whose websites are linked.